About Us

Pardam s.r.o. (former Kertak Nanotechnology s.r.o. (Ltd.)) is a supplier of high quality inorganic and organic nanofibers and nanofiberous products manufactured by industrial-scale technology operated by exclusive partner, company Pardam s.r.o.

Pardam is producer of nanofiberous materials and also R&D partner working on development of new nanofiberous materials and final applications for inorganic and organic nanofibers. Pardam is introducing novel nanofiberous material to the market through its global distribution network, cooperating with Universities, R&D institutions and private companies.

Ceramic nanofibers, thanks to its unique properties (big surface area, big porosity, good breathability, big surface to volume ratio, stable structure etc.) can find its applications in many products such as DSSC anode, Li-ion batteries anode or cathode, Li-ion battery/Fuel cell separator, Catalyst, Catalyst support, Photo catalyst, Gas sensors, Thermal insulators, Metal or Ceramics nano-composites, Dehumidifiers, Abrasives, Thermal barrier coatings, Filtration etc. Novel properties of inorganic materials open new horizons for a wide range of products and applications.

Organic nanofibers, thanks to its unique properties can find its application in products such as nanofiberous polymeric membranes, which can be used as filtration materials for water and air purification with very low-pressure drop and very high filtration efficiency.


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence