About Us

ICT Pro company, as the name suggests, operates in the field of information and communication technologies.

Our professional team consists of experts from various ICT branches whose knowledge and experience cover a wide range of products developed by corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Check Point, Juniper, Citrix, SUN, SAP, Novell and also technologies on the basis of Unix/Linux, IT communication, VoIP and last but not least, DTP and CAD products.

ICT Pro offers to their customers IT support, outsourcing, network administration of various platforms and different operating systems as well as large web projects development. We also provide solutions related to the complex software applications development, hardware services and network components maintenance. In addition to these services, ICT Pro deals with consulting and training activities.

Our aim is to provide companies with complete ICT services and solutions, so that their employees can work more effectively and efficiently. We pay attention not only to a job well done, perfect work and „strict professionalism“, which is our main motto, but also to good and long-term relationships with our customers and business partners.