About Us

The Helgi Library was born from an idea about a way to find information fast, easily and cheaply, whether it be a number or a report. From very limited objectives at the beginning, the project grew from a little snowball into a large one as more information was added and sources were discovered. The Helgi Library is now an open platform, to which data and reports are being added every day from all over the world.

We cover more than 95% of the world in most data in terms of population or the global economy. Our database offers more than 100,000 time series, or more than 2.5 million data points collected from public sources or licensed partners, and we present data for over 80 countries and 16 different sectors. Apart from the data, you might find here a number of interesting reports and studies produced either by us or by our partners.

The word Helgi represents trust, security or inviolability. It is an old Norse word for the sacredness of a person, or a holy place, which describes the values we believe in nicely. We have however no close connection to the Scandinavians.

Unlike many data providers, we offer plenty of information for free. With us, you can also buy a single data series you are interested in for peanuts without the need to register or buy an expensive subscription for months. And unlike many others, we care about the numbers rather than just passively reproducing them. We use the data in our own reports, so we often mix the sources to complete time series.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence