About Us

ETD is a member of the International BEZ Group - a transformer power house in central Europe.

In the proud legacy of Skoda engineering, ETD TRANSFORMÁTORY based in Pilsen, the Czech Republic, designs, manufactures, tests, transports, installs and commissions world class transformers by combining a fine engineering tradition with modern design and technology. All transformers meet EU and other international and site specific norms and specifications.

Markets are served through a network of sales agents, distributors and joint ventures. The product range includes:

• Three-phase power transformers (up to 410 MVA, 420 kV)
• Single-phase power transformers with the total output of the tree-phase set (up to 1200 MVA, 420 KV)
• Autotransformers
• Furnace transformers
• Traction transformers and traction chokes
• Start-up and special reactors
• Reconstruction and repairs
• Certified testing laboratory

Business size

101-500 employees